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MYYTY! Roland E-80 keyboard MYYTY!

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Roland E-80   Super keyboard

SOUND SOURCEMax polyphony128Tones1100 panel tones, 54 Drums kits, dedicated EQ for each Oscillator (on Realtime/Style/Song parts) and for each drum instrument on Styles and SongsSRX Expansion Board slots2 (for SRX series and SR-G01)Multitimbral parts32Realtime Effect ProcessorsREVERB section: 12 Reverb; CHORUS section: 6 Chorus;MFX section: 84 Multi-FX;MASTERING TOOL section: Parametric EQ, Multi-Band Compressor;HARMONIC BAR section: Rotary, Vibrato and Overdrive; EXTERNAL AUDIO INPUT: 84 effects; MIC INPUT section: Noise Gate, Compressor, 9 Reverb, 9 Delay;VOCAL HARMONIST section: 9 Reverb, 9 Delay, 9 ChorusStyle/Song Effect ProcessorsREVERB section: 8 Reverb; CHORUS section: 8 Chorus; 3 x MFX section: 84 Multi-FX; MASTERING TOOL section: Parametric EQ, Multi-Band CompressorCompatibilityGM2/ GS/ XG LiteSTYLESPreset stylesmore than 350 styles on 12 familiesStyle Variations4 Main / 4 Intro / 4 Ending / 6 Fill In / Break Mute on ASSIGN SWSync Start / Sync StopYesUser Style Composer8 Tracks with Micro editing / Piano Roll editing / Guitar Mode Programming / SRX tones selectionDirect Media LinkYesOne Touch Setting4 for each Style with customizationCOVERFor Songs and Styles, 30 ALL, 18 Drum, 24 BassMAKEUP TOOLS EASY EDITINGFor Songs and Styles with SRX/SR-G01 tones selection;Makeup Tools Freeze Data function;Independent 3-band EQ (with Q) management for each instrument (including each drum instrument);3 dedicated MFX for each Style/Song.PANEL CONTROLSMulti-function sliders9Rotary Encoder with push switchYesCursorInc, Dec, Up, Down, Right, LeftPitch Bender and ModulationYesD BeamYes, (4 modes)Knobs3 dedicated knobs for:Master VolumeKeyboard / Accomp balanceExternal Source VolumeKeyboard Part / Part Assign SwitchesUpper1, Upper2, Upper3, Lower1, Lower2, Manual BassDisplayColor Touchscreen with selectable beepPLAYER / RECORDERMark / JumpYes, 4 locations for each SongSequencer16-Track Sequencer, with Micro Event List / Piano Roll editing, Vocal Harmonist control track, Guitar Mode programming, SRX Tones selection, SMF to Style ConverterDigiScoreYesLyrics DisplayYes, with automatic Chord Extractor and Text Import/Export possibilityViewerYes, for .txt and .bmp filesHARMONIC BARVirtual ToneWheel technology9 bars: 16’, 5-1/3’, 8’, 4’, 2-2/3’, 2’, 1-3/5’, 1-1/3’, 1’ for Upper1 / Lower1;2 bars: 16’, 8’ for Manual bass.PercussionOn, Off, 2-2/3’, 4’, Slow, FastLeakage levelMin - MaxHarmonic Bar effectsRotary, Vibrato, OverdriveRegistrations8 setsVOCAL HARMONISTMode4 Modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch, SingerProgrammable Harmony3 Types: 30 Small, 30 Ensemble, 24 VocoderControl possibilityRealtime, on 16-Track Sequencer, via MIDI INMUSIC ASSISTANT / USER PROGRAM REGISTRATIONSMusic Assistantunlimited number (approx. 580 as preloaded factory data), programmableUser Programunlimited number, 144 User Program links on each setDATA STORAGEFDD3.5” 2HD/2DDInternal SSD (Solid State Disk)62,4MB (approx. 35,3MB as preloaded factory data)PC Card Slot1 PCMCIA slot for: Microdrive (1.0-inch hard disk drive)*,Compact Flash*, Memory Stick*,SmartMedia**using Card adaptor*the E-80 system manages up to 4 GBytes of the above storage MediaType of files managedStyle, Song (.mid /.kar files), User Program, User Program set, MIDI Set, Play List, File.txt, File.bmpOTHER FUNCTIONSGuitar ModeYes, for Acoustic and Electric Guitars, with Stereo Doubling functionFinderSong, Style, User ProgramEasy SettingArranger, Organ, Guitar, PianoChord Alteration SystemAdaptive Chord VoicingMelody IntelligentYes, 18 Types, Melody Intelligent 2nd Tone customizationNew dynamic Split functionYes, two modesTap TempoYesTranspose with Singer Key AdapterYes, -6 ~ +5Song Chord ExtractorYesFade IN/OUTYes, programmableAssignable SWYes, 2 programmable with Break Mute selectionV-LINKYesUpdating systemYes, on FlashCONNECTORSUSB / MIDI1 USB socket for File transferMIDI IN, OUT, THRU socketsAudio Output / Audio InputAudio Output: Main (L/mono, R), Metronome Output; Audio Input: External Audio Input (L, R), Vocal Harmonist Input (XLR / TRS, Phone balanced / unbalanced)Jacks1 x Hold Pedal, 1 x Assignable Switch, 1 x Expression Pedal, 1 x FC-7 Control PedalVideo OutputYes, for Lyrics and Chords (2 types),Text and BMP files viewerPhones2INTERNAL AMPLIFICATIONSpeakers: 2 x 13 cm (woofer), 2 x 6,6 cm (tweeter)Rated Power Output: 2 x 35 W, 2 x 12 W (with Bass Reflex system)Dedicated speaker off switch: yesOTHERSOwner’s Manual, Power Cord, Music Rest, bundled CD-ROM (it contains E-80 backup data image, USB-MIDI driver (for Mac/PC), DATABASE MANAGER software)SIZE AND WEIGHTWidth1,176 mm46-5/16 inchesDepth489 mm19-1/4 inchesHeight198 mm7-13/16 inchesWeight22.5 kg49 lbs. 10 oz.*The specifications are subject to change without notice.